Gas-Fired, Manual Tilting Skillet, Classic Models TGSE-2430 and TGSE-2440

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Gas-Fired, Floor Mounted, Manual Tilting Skillet, Classic Models

304 Stainless seam welded pan body features:

  • Center trunnion mounted
  • Self-locking worm gear tilt mechanism
  • Rotation exceeds 90 degrees
  • 304 stainless steel cooking surface 
  • 120V, three phase (1Ø) standard

Patented 304 stainless safety lid, seam welded with:

  • Actuator-assisted counter balance 
  • Full width condensate drip shield and rear steam vent  
  • Stainless steel safety handle 
  • Single side-mounted safety handles

Constructed of 304L stainless steel: 

  • Reinforced, water-resistant control console
  • Tubular frame construction

Standard features include:

  • Adjustable thermostat (175°F to 400°F)
  • High limit safety thermostat
  • Adjustable bullet feet 

Models and Capabilities (link) 

Skillet Cooker Size Selection Guide (link)

Optional Features and Accessories (link) are available for faucets, security, safety, parts and cleaning/maintenance 

Model Dimensions (link) refer to specification sheet (dims) 

Electrical: Voltage options available for single and three phase, consult spec sheet for 380, 415, 440 and 480 voltage options. 

Gas BTU Natural/Propane Pressure/Pipe Natural Pressure/Pipe Propane
TGSE-2430 ( )
90,000 / 75,000
Piping - 1/2" IPS
Piping - 1/2" IPS
TGSE-2440 ( ) 
120,000 / 100,000 Inlet 5.0-7.0 w.c, Outlet 3.5" w.c. Inlet 12.0-14.0 w.c, Outlet 10.0" w.c.