Our History

Legion Industries, Inc. was formed December 5, 1988 to acquire the assets of Legion Utensils Co., Inc. Its renowned predecessors manufactured the highest quality food service equipment for nearly a century. Founded in 1897 as the Joseph Heinrichs Corporation of New York City, the company originally sold quality silver products to leading hotels, restaurants, institutions, railroads, and steamship lines.

The company changed its name to the Legion Utensils Company in 1937, and subsequently became a leader in the production of deep drawn stainless steel products for the commercial food service industry. Modern production techniques were applied to the manufacturing of classic European cooking items for the expanding American market. Legion Utensils Company introduced the Insulated Braising Pan, a popular piece of equipment in Europe, into the United States in 1961.

Legion also pioneered the development of bi-metal cookware production, and the plating of silver, brass and copper on stainless steel. Today, Legion Industries continues to manufacture the highest quality deep drawn stainless steel products for the food service market. Our products include an extensive line of Insulated Direct and Self-contained Steam Jacketed Kettles, Insulated Combi- Pan® Tilting Skillet and Insulated Skittle® Cooker as well as Kettle Tools. Our insulated kettles, Standard Height and Low Rim®, Multi-functional Skittle® Cooker and Combi-Pan® Tilting Skillet, are recognized as the best in the industry. In addition, Legion makes handcrafted Chafers and Buffetware, now featuring our unique quiet rollback cover, in stainless, copper, brass, and silver finishes. Our famous line of Tri-Ply Stainless Cookware is enjoyed and preferred by prominent Chefs for many years. Legion manufactures both CopperWare and InductoWare® Cookware.

For nearly a century, Legion has been the originator and designer of many of the food service equipment items that today are standard in the industry. The 1994 introduction of the patented series of products, featuring the Skittle® Cooker and the Combi-Pan® Tilting Skillet, continues the tradition of introducing innovative new products. The company is dedicated to continuing this fine tradition in the 21st century - introducing its full line of insulated kettles and leading the way with new and pioneering products made to the highest standard of excellence for the commercial food service industry!

Information about all our current products as well as Legion's newest innovations in food service equipment is always available by calling our toll-free number 800-887-1988