Benefits of Legion Insulated Kettles

Benefits of Legion Insulated Kettles: Learn more on profits stemming from the many benefits of state-of -the-art commercial insulation, safe operations, energy efficiency and improved food quality + Copy writing article here belowwwwwwwwww


No one would think of installing a walk-in cooler without insulation, however, cooking equipment operating at high temperatures without insulation protection is installed without a thought.  Legion Kettles changes this thought process! Legion highlights the merits and sensibilities of insulating your foodservice equipment. Which piece of equipment do you think should be the first one to insulate?


Insulation: Protects foodservice operators from burns, reduces Worker's Compensation, increases efficiency, and keeps the kitchen environment comfortable. All Legion self-contained kettles and the direct steam LTI and LOW-RIM™ LSI kettles are insulated. Legion considers insulation an essential feature in today's safety conscious environment.


Current regulations and the high probability of litigation by "injured" equipment operators, dictates that all cooking equipment should be insulated. The responsibility for protection of employee rests with the employer, reason alone to choose insulated products for all your equipment needs! 

Legion Industries is the only manufacturer to provide insulation as STANDARD on the COMBI-PAN Series and all Self-Contained Kettles. Insulation is offered as an option on all Direct Steam Kettles and must be specified by the end-user.


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